We are a platform for the student voice.

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As students, we’re up-to-date on what matters to us. We’re on top of what’s going on in our classmates’ lives, as well as our own. We’re forward-thinking, we’re thought-provoking, and we’re mindful of the world we’ve inherited—and the ways in which we can change it.

That’s why The Current is completely student-run! As an independent online newspaper, we provide a non-judgmental environment for the exploration of journalism, multimedia, and communications. We showcase the student perspective while highlighting the individual flavors that make up our village, and the world, as a whole. Most importantly, we encourage the next generation of voices to actively participate in the global and local conversations taking place. We’re made for students, by students, and together we’re inspiring others to be fearless in pursuing their passions.

We’re committed to providing our readers with engaging, entertaining content, so whether you read our columns, listen to our podcasts, watch our videos, or scroll through our social media, you’re bound to enjoy what our team has to offer.

Any and all students can join our community or submit work to be published!


We are a community of writers, artists, coders, scientists, activists, athletes, musicians, and journalists. Visit the page below to meet our contributors!

Meet Our Staff!
A student-run platform based in Port Jefferson, NY



TBR Newsmedia June 2020 Issue: PJ High Schoolers Looking to Continue Independent, Student-Run News Source


Whether you're pitching an idea, making a correction, or reaching out to chat, visit our Contact Us page and we'll be in touch shortly!

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