Amid the COVID-19 Chaos, the Environment Offers a Source of Hope

Winnie Ne COVID-19 Apr 1, 2020

The drastic measures being taken to help contain the coronavirus epidemic have not only helped us, but also the environment. It has created such a huge impact on the environment that NASA and many other experts claim this to be the “largest-scale experiment ever”—and it’s become noticeable to people all over the world too. In China, after industries and businesses were told to shut down due to the epidemic, air pollution drastically decreased. It was estimated that emissions decreased by 25%; this decrease could be shown on satellite images provided by NASA!

But this is not only happening in China, New York has also shown cleaner air quality. It was shown that there was a 5-10% drop in air pollutants here as well as a 50% drop in carbon monoxide. Nitrogen dioxide emitted by cars, trucks and other vehicles, significantly decreased as many people were told to stay in their homes. Airlines canceling flights also plays an important part in improving air quality. Italy, a top travel destination, has also noticed environmental improvements during their time of containment. Like China, and New York, Italy’s air quality has improved, In addition, the waterways in Venice finally became clear, for the first time in a while due to the number of tourists that the city attracts.

As this epidemic continues, we will begin to notice how it impacts our environment up close. This period of time will allow our environment to progress as it has been negatively impacted by humans for the past few decades. But as a community, state, nation and globally, we need to pay attention to the impact this situation has had on our environment and realize that if people weren’t told to stay at home, and industries weren’t told to shut down, our environment would still be slowly degrading.


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