Dear Reader,

The Current Dear Reader Jul 1, 2020

Welcome to the launch of our new site! This switch helps us continue our mission of elevating student voices by allowing our staff to directly format their own articles. We  also hope it offers you a more streamlined experience while still providing engaging, fun, and thought-provoking content to enjoy!

We started out as an independent, student-run, online newspaper, a project taken on by a handful of determined PJHS students who wished to provide the school with something it lacked: a platform for exploration of journalism, media, and communications. With that, we chose to focus on emphasizing the student perspective and highlighting the individual flavors that make up our village, and the world, as a whole.

Not only have we progressed towards those goals, we’ve also found a larger purpose: we are inspiring people to be fearless in pursuing their visions.

This past month alone we’ve welcomed over 20 new staff members, won the endorsement of the superintendent, and even made the news! Yet with this growth came some seriously hard questions: Who are we? Why do we exist? And what do we stand for? To answer these, we created The Wave, a guidebook that will help us introduce new members and lead with purpose. We’ll publish this on our website so that you, our reader, can also gain a deeper understanding of our vision, spirit, and thought-processes.

To all the teachers, administrators, parents, and community members who supported us this past year: thank you. With your help, we’ve transformed from a mere online newspaper to a lush environment of teamwork, inspiration, and creativity, and we can’t wait to reveal what we’ve been working on.


The Current Staff

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