Excess Rainwater Turned Into Something Beautiful

Winnie Ne Student Spotlight Nov 18, 2019

On Wednesday, October 16th, the environmental club as well as many other students worked with the Long Island Explorium to make a rain garden for our community. This project was very much needed because of the amount of excess rain water we have when it rains. What better than to use the otherwise-wasted-rainwater as a water source for a beautiful garden?

Before we went to make the rain garden, many people surveyed around the surroundings to find out which area collected the most amount of water. It was found that the area in front of the Village Center did. With this discovery, our city’s gardeners helped us out by creating a slope surrounding the garden so it would help even more water enter. There happened to be a sewer drain in that area as well, so if there was any excess water after all the plants were watered, it’d flow right into the drain.

All the plants that we planted are all flowers that are native to our area. Thus, as we are reusing rainwater, we are adding more native plants.

So, next time you're by the Village Center, check it out!

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