Local Vegan Restaurant Favorites!

Madison Feinstein Lifestyle Jul 6, 2020

Many people believe that if you are vegan then you cannot go out to eat. Fortunately, that is not the case. There are many great vegan restaurants. My two favorites are Green Zenphony and No5. Some of these restaurants can get pricey if you were to eat there everyday or require some traveling.

What you might not know is that many local Port Jeff places are vegan friendly as well. My top 3 favorite local restaurants are Kumo sushi and steak house, Señor Taco and Danfords Marina. All of these places are within 20 minutes or less from Port Jefferson. Kumo is in Stony Brook, Señor taco is part of a chain but the closest one is in Mount Sinai and Danfords is in Port Jeff. All of them are delicious and the meals I'm going to mention are under $20:

At Kumo my favorite meal to order is a sweet potato tempura roll with a side of white rice. This is around $10. It is very filling and has so much flavor. I like to make my own spicy mayo and dip the roll into it. At Señor Taco, I get a hard taco with rice, beans and vegetables with salsa and chips. The vegetables are onion, bell peppers, zucchini and corn. This is $12. It is just as good as the Kumo rolls! Finally the last restaurant order is from Danfords. I get a beyond burger with no bun and fries. This meal is $18. The burger is so big and tastes so good. It comes topped with an amazing barbecue sauce. Also the fries are amazing too. There are many more restaurants that can accommodate vegans but these are my three favorites!

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Yesterday was the first time I went to a restaurant since quarantine. My mom and I went to Old fields in downtown Port Jeff. There menu was not very vegan friendly unfortunately. All I saw was the two things I ordered and photographed. Im sure there was a vegan salad or two but I didn’t look at the salads. For my entree I ordered the vegetable tacos with the corn salad. The vegetables were zucchini and mushrooms. By accident I forgot to ask about the tortillas and they looked like flour tortillas so I just didn’t eat the tortillas. (bad on my part)I would give this a 8/10. The corn salad was amazing, no complaints. The taco sauce thats orangey was very good. I cant remember what it is. I wish that the zucchini were all cut the same and thin. They all were different thickness and I didn’t like the thicker pieces of the zucchini. The mushroom was very good as well. I really like the lime kick. The next thing is guacamole and chips. This was so good. The chips were so flavorful. This is definitely at 10/10. Overall a great outdoor dining experience. #glutenfree #restaurant #vegan #eat #taco #vegtables #guacamole #oldfields #zucchini #mushrooms

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Madison Feinstein

Maddy is a senior lifestyle columnist who began writing to educate her peers on veganism and ways to help the environment. She plans to study nursing. Her motto? Love all, hate none.

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