To the students who want to speak up and speak out: We’re here for you.

We accept Op-Ed submissions from high school students older than 13 and recent graduates younger than 20.

This column is a space for you to nurture your ability to speak firmly, persuasively, and to the point. Whether you want to write about diversity in schools or pineapple on pizza, we hope you’ll help us start lively, meaningful conversations, and we hope to connect you with other passionate minds.

To submit, scroll to the bottom of this page or click HERE

We aim to preserve The Current’s integrity as a source for powerful, TRUTHFUL, and moving content, so we’ve put together this page to help you understand what we look for. Please respect our guidelines, process, and the law:

Here are some guidelines to help ensure your very best writing:

  1. HAVE A CLEAR OPINION: Op-ed is most effective when the writer is focused on one point, topic, or theme. Our editors can help with this, but as you write, try to catch yourself before you enter a tangent that could sidetrack readers from your argument.
  2. DO YOUR RESEARCH: Use up-to-date evidence and logic to back up your claims. If you're going to get political, make sure you focus on ISSUES, not people.
  3. MAKE SURE YOUR OPENING AND CLOSING STATEMENTS ARE STRONG: The beginning and end of your submission should hook us in and leave us thinking. Make us care!
  4. BE AUTHENTIC: Don’t worry about sounding too gushy. Readers appreciate an honest view that comes directly from your thoughts. Write about things that are meaningful to you and are an integral part of your persona. (Tip: You can use personal experiences and anecdotes to make your writing come to life.)
  5. THINK ABOUT YOUR AUDIENCE and MAKE IT MATTER: Tell your audience why you care and why they should too. Use language that will grip their souls—cater your style to your reader. Make your point something they can't just pass over.
  6. KEEP IT SHORT AND SIMPLE. We have an 800 word limit*. Readers are far more likely to read sleek, slimmed down paragraphs than a long-winded essay, so keep your writing to the point. Avoid technical terms that will deter your reader. Pack a powerful punch, not a slow motion slap.


*We are flexible in certain specific circumstances. If you would like to inquire further, please contact our editor at [email protected].

Selection Process

We examine every entry with extreme care to present the strongest arguments and the brightest ideas that stick to the facts. Though we read through ALL submissions, not everyone gets published.

  1. After you submit, our opinion editor will do a preliminary read-through of your submission to make sure it is fits our guidelines.
  2. Then, all editors will have access to your piece and will work with the opinion editor to evaluate the effectiveness of your argument, quality of writing, and clarity of thought. We have a set of guidelines our editors follow to ensure that they are reading these pieces objectively, regardless of their own opinion on your subject.
  3. Once your submission is approved, the editors will suggest edits. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK BACK FOR EDITS. Once a piece is edited, you will work with our opinion editor to ensure it is ready for publication.


Email submissions to [email protected] OR fill out this form:

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