Featuring Port Jefferson's people, places, and past, one story at a time.

Dear Port Jefferson:

Community is essential.

Though our village may be small, its gifts are anything but. These past few months, we've missed the lush greenery of our parks and woods, the salty winds of our open beaches, the lively music of our summer concerts. But we've also been touched by the powerful stories of the wonderful, resilient people who make up our town: medical workers (from two hospitals!), small business owners, residents, tourists, students—and through interviews,  audience-submitted memories, and our partnership with the Village Historian, we hope to understand more about our community through its narrative.

That's why we launched Portrait of Port Jefferson, a project that highlights the people, places, and past of our village. We want to capture the cherished memories born from homes by the water, the thousands of breathtaking sunsets that have led to magnificent sunrises, the personal struggles and triumphs of those who’ve experienced and built the unparalleled beauty of our village.

We're students immersing ourselves into the vibrant culture of our community to paint a more comprehensive Portrait...of Port Jefferson.

Inquiries: [email protected]

Header image submitted by Hannah Skula

Places of Port Jefferson Submissions:

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