The Best Holiday Beauty Gifts

Sophie Blumenthal Lifestyle Dec 7, 2020

It’s December, which means it’s officially the start of the holiday season! This is super fun and exciting, but it can become stressful trying to find the perfect present. A beauty gift is perfect for your friend, mother, sister, or anyone on your gift list who needs some self care and peace, especially during the times we are experiencing right now. As a teen who loves beauty and skincare, I am always looking at new products that are on the market, and I’ve definitely been exploring different products now when trying to think of what I should ask for for Christmas. All of the gifts I’ve included are very affordable and I have personally used all these products before. Let's get started!

Fizz & Bubble Lip Shake

The first product is a gift set of different lip care products from Fizz and Bubble, called the Lip Shake. A gift set is a wonderful choice when purchasing a present because it comes with different variations of the product, allowing the person to test different options to find their favorite. I received this as a gift last year, and it has become a product I use daily. This set comes with five lip scrubs and a lip treatment, which they call a lip icing. A lip scrub is used to exfoliate and soften lips. The scrubs come in watermelon, mint mojito, bubble gum, rainbow sherbet, and pineapple coconut. The lip icing is really effective as well. This product is a good fit for someone who doesn’t know a lot about skin care because it's  fun, simple, and eco-friendly.

Purchase the gift set here:

Mighty Marshmallow Face Mask

This is my personal all-time favorite face mask, because it is  cute and fun while still remaining  effective. The same goes for all Bliss products. I also love that they are cruelty-free and vegan. The face mask is cooling and relaxing, and works for all skin types. It has a yummy scent of light fresh floral. This mask has amazing cooling and brightening effects, and has nourishing ingredients such as vitamin C. This mask would make a great gift because anyone can use it, even if you’re not a skin expert. Everyone loves a good face mask, and this one specifically is very relaxing which everyone could use more of. It is  found at basic stores like Target and CVS. It is  very affordable, at a price of 5.00 on the Bliss website.

Purchase the mask here:

E.L.F. Skincare Set

This next set, called 'the best of E.L.F. skincare set', includes my Holy Grail product. The E.L.F. Holy Hydration moisturizer is one of my favorite skincare products because it's a great moisturizer for all skin types and hydrates without feeling too heavy. This product is part of their skincare line, so all the products in the set should act in a similar fashion. This is a perfect deal, since it is only $20 and comes with so much. The moisturizer lasts months because you only need a little bit of product for it to work. This is an ideal product for someone who is inexperienced with skincare, because this set gives them a complete routine to start out with, so they don't have to bother with research or effort. All the products can be purchased individually. The look of the set is also very aesthetic - an added bonus when gift giving.

To see the set click here:

There is also a fragrance free moisturizer (fragrance is an irritant):

Maniology Nail Stamping Set

The last product is something fun for your nails! It is from an online nail shop called Maniology, and it is a complete nail stamping set. Nail stamping is basically like stamping on paper, but on your nails. This specific one is holiday themed. Nail stamping can be so much fun because it's much easier than freehand. Maniology nail stamping sets come with two stamping plates, the special polish needed for stamping, and other tools needed. There are instructions included and you can access free instruction videos on their website. Since it's a starter kit, you don’t have to have any nail design experience. This is a bit pricier, but that’s because it comes with everything needed to begin the art of nail stamping, and most good quality nail supplies are in the higher price range. However, once you start nail stamping it gets addicting and is so much fun!

View the holiday set here:

To see instructional videos for nail stamping click here:

All products were independently selected by our writers. No commission is collected through affiliate links.

Sophie Blumenthal

Sophie, a junior, has a passion for beauty and skincare, starting her own Instagram blog, @Howdoyouglowbysoph. Outside of beauty, Sophie is very organized, and loves music and community service.

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