Updated Guidelines for Recycling in Port Jefferson Village

Winnie Ne News Feb 3, 2020

Trash or recycling? We all grew up learning the three R’s: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. We were taught the basic things that we should recycle such as paper, water bottles, or anything plastic that had the three arrow symbol with a number inside (check out this article on recycling plastic). However, just because it has the symbol doesn’t mean you can recycle it now. In other words, we are no longer able to safely assume what we can recycle.

In the Village of Port Jefferson there are public recycling cans on the streets, which are used for recycling glass, plastic, and cans. But what can you actually recycle? According to the Village of Port Jefferson website, starting January 3rd, you’re supposed to separate the items into two categories - paper/cardboard and commingled (mixed) recyclables. Glass will no longer be accepted.

Here's a breakdown (feel free to save this for future reference):

Recyclable products in Port Jefferson Village starting January 3rd. Graphic by Winnie Ne.

And here is a list of examples of what you should and/or shouldn’t recycle:

Recyclable and non-recyclable products by category with examples. Graphic by Winnie Ne.

Remember: every recycle counts. Do your part to help keep our town beautiful!

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