Valentine's Day Self Care Tips

Sophie Blumenthal Lifestyle Feb 13, 2021

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, a time where we celebrate how much we love our significant others, our family, our friends, and all our loved ones. However, there’s one person we often forget to show some love-ourselves! This Valentine’s Day, take some time for yourself by doing some self-care. If you don’t know where to start, read below for some tips and ideas to show yourself some love.

Create a Calming Space

The key to feeling relaxed and happy is being in a place that brings you joy. I always feel much calmer when my room is neat and organized, and when I put out decorations that make me happy. Try putting up photos of things that make you happy, lighting a scented candle, and playing some music you enjoy. Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, you could also put up some pink and red or heart decorations to celebrate, and it can also serve as a reminder to take care of yourself. Now you can use this space to do your self care, and I guarantee if you keep up with the space, it will bring you joy daily.

My Favorite Candle: DW Home Candle

Take a Bubble Bath or a Hot Shower

One of my favorite ways to relax is taking a hot bath or shower to calm myself. I suggest adding Epsom salts to your bath to make it smell good. You can also light a candle to set the mood, or play some spa music off Youtube. A bit of a pricier option is getting a tray that can go across the bathtub, where you can put snacks, or even watch some TV while soaking. If you don’t like baths, you can also take a hot shower. If you are feeling stressed, try imagining the water washing away all your worries. In my shower routine, I start by taking care of my hair. I love the Garnier Honey Shampoo and Conditioner as well as the Real Raw Smoothie Conditioner. Something else I do while in the shower is use a hair mask. My favorite hair mask is the Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask. I also enjoy using a body scrub. Right now I am trying the Seaweed Bath Co. Seaweed Scrub

Do your nails

Painting your nails can make you feel more confident and even more fashionable! For self-care, I like to give myself a full manicure. I start by filing my nails, and then applying some cuticle oil. Then I apply the color and eventually a top coat. Have fun with it by adding designs! My favorite cuticle oil that is super pretty is the Blossom Cuticle Oil.

Do a Face Mask

A quick way to show your skin some much needed love is by applying a face mask. Different face masks have different benefits for the skin, so it can be very personalized. Most face masks only have to be left on for about ten minutes, so it’s a fast and easy way to feel beautiful. While doing a face mask I like to relax in my room with a candle and some music. Some of my favorite face masks include the Bliss Mighty Marshmallow Mask and the In the Honey Mask.

Treat Yourself

Indulging in something you love is always a great way to make yourself happy. For example, you could treat yourself to your favorite dessert. Give yourself some time to relax and binge your favorite tv show or watch a movie. Just make sure after the holiday to go back to your normal routine, or else it doesn't become a special treat anymore.

Take a Break From Your Phone

Social media can be really damaging to your mental health. By putting your phone away for the day, or even a few hours, and focusing on being present, you will feel happier. And, you will be so proud of yourself for getting away from technology for a little bit. We all struggle from comparing ourselves to what we see online, so allowing your brain to rest and focus on yourself and the things you love about yourself, is one of the best ways to show yourself some love.

Happy Valentine’s Day, and don’t forget to love yourself by doing some self care!

Sophie Blumenthal

Sophie, a junior, has a passion for beauty and skincare, starting her own Instagram blog, @Howdoyouglowbysoph. Outside of beauty, Sophie is very organized, and loves music and community service.

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