See the Winning Submissions From Our Inaugural Winter Photo Contest

Olivia Schlegel Arts & Entertainment Jan 26, 2022

Over winter break (12/24-1/1), The Current kicked off its first photo and design contest with a winter and holiday theme. The vote was conducted through an Instagram poll, and the overwhelming winner was Abby Rolfe, winning over seventy-percent of the votes! We asked Abby a few questions about the contest and her first place win.

What prompted you to enter the photo contest?

I entered the photo contest because last year I got quarantined, twice, and I got so bored that I just started taking pictures. I mainly took pictures of birds because we have a bunch of bird feeders in our yard and it was really the only thing I could take pictures of, since I wasn’t supposed to leave my house. When I saw the post for the contest on Instagram, I knew I had some cool pictures and thought why not just enter and see what happens.

Have you ever participated in a photo contest before?

This is the first photo contest I have ever participated in, probably because I don’t take many pictures.

How did you take the pictures?

I took the pictures on a camera. It is a Canon and I used nature mode.

Where did you take the pictures?

I took these pictures sitting on my couch, aiming the camera through my sliding glass door.

Will you participate in any future photo contests?

If I ever take any more pictures I will probably enter again, but I do not see that happening in the near future.

Feature image credit: Runner-up Myeda Nawaz

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